The programs we conduct within our networks spanning across states, communities, cultures and religious affiliations which include a series of seminars, institutional site visits, and exclusive special events to facilitate knowledge-sharing, cultural exchange and action beyond our coordinated advocacy programmes will allow young people to:

  • Create solutions and drive action on peace and development
  • Get access to opportunities to develop and utilize their skills in taking real action that makes a lasting impact
  • Learn tools for how to create impact
  • Discover and practice principles behind social innovation
  • Broaden perspectives about cultural values and global issues
  • Build an action network of peers and mentors
  • Contribute to peace-building in their communities by promoting human right
  • Influencing change and challenging traditional beliefs that underpin violence against women and girls.

In addition, we offer support and assistance for young girls to acquire skills and education. We also provide assistance to young girls who are victims of violence by helping them talk to or see a counselor or a doctor regarding their health needs.