Since the first day of our inception, we have conducted series of programmes and activities to improve the lives of women and girls, promote the rights of women and girls and to end VAWG which is very rampant in our traditional African society.

We orchestrate youth-led advocacy in different states, communities, villages, institutions, and schools to challenge social norms that promote VAWG and promote social change critical to ending VAWG. We pay advocacy visits to key persons like traditional rulers and government officials who are instrumental in driving social change.

We have conducted workshops and capacity development for sustainable action and change. This entails empowering the young leaders team to provide training for schools, institutions and individuals within and outside the their own state; Weekly online educational  lessons for boys and girls on Abuse, Human Rights and How to Stay Safe, Monthly Workshops on Sexual and Reproductive Health, Computer Training and Skill Acquisition Programs for girls to improve their employability, Mentoring and internship programmes, educational and moral assistance; Trainings for volunteers, students, and as many as are interested in attending the trainings.

Our Vision

ISYI has a vision…

  • Of a world free from VAWG. To achieve this we:
  • Massively engage the younger generation to become change agents in their communities
  • Advocate to ensure stakeholders resource and prioritize an end to VAWG
  • Communicate the potential to end VAWG within a generation and raise awareness about how, why and where VAWG happens and
  • Partner with organizations that deliver a sustainable, proven end to VAWG

With the persistent voices and advocacy of several thousand of young people across the country, we each every nook and cranny of the country affecting social change that is critical for the health and development of women and young girls.

We build and equip young advocates who not only are able to protect themselves but also become champions of wellbeing, the wellbeing of all, especially women and girls.

This we achieve through advocacy, research, partnership and program intervention.

ISYI’s aim is to advocate at every level…

For increased attention and resources to be invested in ending VAWG. Here at ISYI, we believe that VAWG can only end with the help of actors, activists and decision makers at every level – from grassroots, to regional, national and international actors.

We advocate parents, governments and influential decision makers to accelerate a total end to all forms of VAWG, and use the most appropriate advocacy actions for whichever issue we may be working with, or for whichever level we are working at.

In Nigerian communities and institutions, this advocacy has taken the shape of petitioning traditional rulers to end all traditional practices like FGM and child marriage that hold women back or threaten their health and their future; we also petition the government and relevant authorities and organizations to make education for girls a top priority in their policies.

We have hosted events like The International Day of the Girl Child and 16 Days of Activism on behalf of UNFPA/UNICEF which were highly significant events and entirely dedicated to promoting the rights of the women and girls

ISYI communicates the realities of VAWG…

As well as the hope and possibility that it can and is ending. This takes place over a variety of platforms, and within a variety of audiences.

This website is just one of the platforms from which we communicate our message regarding VAWG. We also work through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, to better spread the message that VAWG can and should end, as well as educating partners, interested parties, and the public on what exactly VAWG is. We see one of our main duties as being a place where stories from our communities, around the world, and amongst other activists and organisations come together, and so we often include their stories in our regular roundup of news stories, or blog updates.

When it comes to communicating about VAWG, we are completely committed to doing so in a non-sensational, and accurate manner. We aim to relay to the public and other interested parties where VAWG happens, why it happens, how and how much it happens, as well as about how attitudes are changing, and how communities are abandoning the practice. As well as reporting on how attitudes are changing, ISYI is also committed to reporting the ways in which efforts towards change are often met with resistance, in order to accurately represent the obstacles involved in creating change. One of the ways you can help us create change, and raise awareness is simply by following us on Twitter, or liking us on Facebook.

ISYI aims to reach out to new, diverse audiences…

Through our VAWG awareness raising programmes and projects. For us, this is as much, if not more, about raising the awareness of VAWG in this country and beyond, as it is about raising funds. In the past, we have held dinners, film nights, and casual discussions. One of our regular fixtures and most popular and successful events has been our collaboration with The Girl Generation. Through their partnership we organize campus get together and dinner with music, performers and help spread the word regarding ISYI and our aim to end VAWG.